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Thread: Korin Sharpening?

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    Korin Sharpening?

    Has anyone used Korin to sharpen their knives. I have a knife that hasn't had an edge put on it yet and was thinking about having them do it.

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    I haven't in years, but they did an excellent job back then
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    I've had several done by Sugai-san. D&R would be my first choice though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ecchef View Post
    I've had several done by Sugai-san. D&R would be my first choice though.
    I can vouch for Dave's skills having seen him work first hand during my training with him. He has a great setup and offers a variety of different levels of sharpness based on your needs.

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    If u haveto ship it I would choose Dave....if u live around the corner from korin...that's another story....Ryan

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    Interesting that this should come up...I JUST got a pair of knives back from Sugai-san (Thanks Mari!) on Monday...will do a write-up later today.

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    I have used Dave, (Jon...though only on an initial sharpening of a new purchase) and Mr. Sugai. I would not hesitate to use any of them. If you're fond of single bevels, Sugai-san does a very nice Uraoshi.

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