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Thread: Stefan Keller Wa Handle Sale#2

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    Stefan Keller Wa Handle Sale#2

    Stefan Keller made high end wa handles installed by yours truly for one great price.

    We have 11 new handles being added in to the sale making this round #2.

    Please see
    Stefan Keller Wa Handles for details

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    Nice snag who ever got that one. With Marco's practice knives without handles these should go fast this time around.
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    I don't have any more wa handled knives that need a custom handle, or I would be all over #10.

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    #10 would be my first choice too. They are all beautiful Stefan. I like the extra long ferrule on #14 gives the handle a very unique look. Whats the wood on #19?

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    #11 is amazing. I love the bakelite / mammoth.

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    Thanks guys! # 19 s a piece of Craig Stevens' Masur birch burl. This has some very fine burly things going on, not really wide enough to fill the micro-fissures with anything, so I left it as it was. Now you can see some white residual of the buffng compound in the surface structure, I wanted to clean that off but forgot before I sent it out...

    #10 is really nice but Dave may curse me, if a knife with a massive tang goes into it he may have to widen the stainless spacer a bit. On # 14 I had planned to shorten the ferrule a little bit but when I got there, I thought it looks nice. To be honest, that one came out a little thinner than I wanted, but for someone who really likes slim handles, it should work just fine. I also like # 17; I did a lot of that one by hand because the kauri and the white horn burn so easily. The end cap is secured with a hidden pin, and I fnished the whole thing on sand paper because I don't have a metal grinder.


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    17 is my favorite of the lot, really liking that one. I hope we can see photos of some of these mounted.

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    Hmmm... I'm thinking about #11 for my Martell wa-gyuto. That's very nice.
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