Micro wire/burr removal, a predictable success or tries & errors? For fun and partially serious...

Problem: Micro wire and or burrs on an edge after sharpened (5K waterstone) & stropped (compounds and then bare) at 12 degrees per side.

Knives: 240mm, steels (good HT favored toughness), hrc:
1. Blue#1, 62
2. SKD11, 64
3. SG2, 62
4. VG-10, 60
5. Any challenging steel of choice (ex: 420J@53, zdp-189@64, etc..)

Freehand cleans edges for all 5 knives: Which knife will be most difficult and time consumming?
(a) less than 1 minute
(b) less than 2 minutes
(c) less than 5 minutes
(d) less than 10 minutes
(e) 10+ minutes
(f) failed (rounded/chipped/44mag-it)

For me, D2@58hrc and (b). (a) for most others.

Seriously, please show us your predictable (deterministic) way to do this. i.e. Do this & that within a single digit minutes, voi'la a wire/burr free edge.