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Thread: Kitchen Island and Range $$$$$$$

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    Beautiful, Mike!

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    Quote Originally Posted by steeley View Post
    When you spent all the money on knives and need a little something to cook on.
    Holy damn.... that kitchen is my dream.

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    There are many kitchen fads which kitchen remodelling services claim that will be out of style like the vessel sink though they look chic, pull-out racks, solid surface back splash and huge kitchens.
    Having a kitchen island adds to great storage, display and functionality. From mobile to seating area kitchen islands they would definitely be a bonus for your kitchen needs. It adds to storage are in addition to your kitchen cabinetry. They are perfect for kids. Having extra seating is a major asset. It you can afford a movable kitchen island it adds to the versatility. It would allow you additional amenities at your island.The material options for an island are endless whether it is for utilitarian purposes or as show stopper of the kitchen. Check this beautiful kitchen island image I found at
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    I am guessing since there is a sink on that island that it is not moveable. And fully agree with daveb that it looks like spam. The island isn't even beautiful the granite and cabinets are pretty plain. It's 'nice', but I would not call it beautiful. And the sink is tiny -- why so small when there was so much surface area available? A sink that is more functional would have been nice.

    the wall tile looks good, and so does the flooring. the cabinet guy needs to come back and install the pulls/ handles...
    David (WildBoar's Kitchen)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike9 View Post
    Wow - what's some ostentatiousismo if ever I saw. Here's my humble cooking rig and I got the range and hood for $800 already set up for propane. I had to tear it down, clean it and reassemble it, but it was worth it IMO.

    Curious, since most commercial stoves are not insulated how did you get around that and the insurance issue?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bear1889 View Post
    Curious, since most commercial stoves are not insulated how did you get around that and the insurance issue?
    It appears that his member status isn't in good standing so he won't be able to comment. I must say though the as nice as those La Cornue ranges are I'd be pretty happy outfitting my home kitchen with a commercial-style setup similar to mike9 even if I had the budget to go all out (i kinda prefer the commercial utilitarian look versus over the top aesthetics)
    "A dull knife means you're a ******* loser" – Matty Matheson

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    having just finish redoing my kitchen in new home, they do indeed cost $$$$! but as with tanner, i like the industrial look pairing with something homey and clean!

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