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Thread: Yoshikane petty thinning job

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    Yoshikane petty thinning job

    I figured I would make a thread for those who were interested.
    If its useless, cause of quality or the content then say out loud.
    Plus I thought I will not work on the videos, I will let them be as they are.

    So here are the first two where I get the actual thinning done by DMT

    And pics one side after DMT XC with big arse scratches

    And the other side with them removed a little with DMT C

    Worth noting since I got this knife more than year ago I did not thin it at all, weird for me I actually dont know why and must say its performance before the action... well, no performance

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    thx for video !

    are you left-handed ?

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    You didn't like that petty before the thinning? I thought it was pretty sweet. It's not a fair comparison, but I liked the petty better than my Shig gyuto. Obviously, the petty was thinner and had less surface area for stiction, but still...

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    Quote Originally Posted by gentlecook View Post
    are you left-handed ?
    Right handed.
    When it comes to sharpening, I prefer to use both hands equally.

    Heirkb I like the petty, I like the steel but Im crazy about carbon cladding cause its much easier to maintain.

    Remember I sharpened it few times, after it got here. I thinned it once it got here, but after it got some use...

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    Here its worked with JNS 1k. I just removed most scratches that DMTs made.

    Next up is binsui, and after that new finish to the whole blade by wetpapers and some stonemud.

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    OK time for small update.

    No video this time, not enough light outside.
    But so one side of the blade is finished. This are the best photos I managed.
    You can see the difference from the other side.

    And a pic of the new handle and saya repolished.
    Not sharpened yet, but this knife is one thin bastard now...

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    Looks like good work to me! I just tried polishing a blade face for the first time yesterday, I'm appreciating the work you did here b/c of it
    Remember: You're a unique individual...just like everybody else.

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    Details on how you finished it? Nice work.

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    Looks great.

    Did you get that handle through Maksim?

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    Great videos! much appreciated! so it looks like the blade isnt flat on the stone is that right but a very low angle?

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