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Thread: Shig 300mm kasumi yanagi

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hermes7792 View Post
    Probably just luck...this is the exact knife I want, but I have to wait a few months to buy. I guess everyone has some reason or another

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    I think its just waiting for the right person. This is going to make someone very happy.

    Too bad more Sushi Chefs in the US don't pull their heads out of their butts and check for this kind of thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by schanop View Post
    Yanagibas aren't moving nowadays. This Shig, Tadatsuna, Azuma Minamoto No Masahisa, and My Suisin ...
    Nothing's moving. Two unused Carters are just sitting around, too.

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    I'm in the same boat as the seller: don't want my first foray into single bevels to come with the pressure and the pricetag of a Shig.

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    Maybe some of the unused/virtually new knives aren't attracting buyers because, being unused/new, there's only a small amount of savings compared with the new prices with the vendors. This Shig and others usually seem to be discounted at 5-10% off the new price, so if it's the right knife at the right time then it's a bit of a deal. But if you weren't necessarily thinking of picking that particular knife up at the moment, then perhaps it's not enough of a deal to convince.

    That's how it is with me. I don't really need anything now, but always check the buy&sell threads to see if there's something I should look into. If it's not really a big cut off the new price or a really good deal for me otherwise, then it's hard to convince myself and I feel I can wait until I decide I really need something in the future, and then pay the regular online price at just 5-10% more - or maybe in a few months another deal will come along?

    Plus, I don't know how it is for everyone, but perhaps times are tough. Maybe it's also why some nicer stuff than usual has been available on buy/sell/trade recently (people have observed; I wasn't here a year ago). If you're interested in buying and see more and more nice stuff appearing, it's easier to be patient too. Sorry to say, but perhaps this has been happening a bit.

    Good luck with the sale. Or maybe just keep it and don't worry so much about f-ing it up as it's your 1st single bevel. It'll probably be fine.

    I keep on wanting to buy, but for me it's between a new knife versus a short holiday with my wife. What would you do?

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    Those are very good points, Cutty. I was looking for a 300 yanagi when I committed to buy a new-in-box 300 at only a slight savings, when a lightly-used and well-maintained 300 yanagi came up for sale at a substantial savings over new. I grabbed it and now I have two. [gulp]
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    only if this was left handed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by xxitzeugenexx1 View Post
    only if this was left handed!
    the third one to say that... maybe you all should learn to be right handed!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hermes7792 View Post
    the third one to say that... maybe you all should learn to be right handed!!
    or stick the tip in the handle and maybe no one will notice

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    If I hadn't just bought the 270mm Shig with custom Marko handle about a month ago I would be all over this....Still trying to justify having both a 270 and a 300.

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