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Thread: 187mm Carter kurouchi petty/funayuki

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    Quote Originally Posted by heirkb View Post
    ... I'm pretty sure this is one of those Carters that's right at the boundary of a price bracket. What I mean is if the knife was a tiny bit longer, it would be a lot more expensive...
    From Jason at Carter Cutley: "...knives over 6.5 sun are priced at a different rate. The time spent to forge, straighten, and heat treat these knives takes longer than the knives that Murray normally produces (> 6.5 sun). Because of this, larger knives are treated special orders and priced accordingly."

    6.5 Sun = 197.4mm

    Nice knife.

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    No love for a brand new Carter in a perfect size/profile?

    I'll drop this to $210 shipped. I don't want to go lower than this on this one since it's totally new.

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    your "in-box" was full, pm me, i'd like it.

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    Sorry about that. PM sent. Will update the thread if the knife sells or not.

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    Just wanted to update that I've gotten no response from hambone, so this is still up for grabs.

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