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Thread: The Glestain Project

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    Apr 2011

    The Glestain Project

    I got this - provided by Maksim from JNS

    Got my hands dirty, bit of spit and polish...

    Now few words about the blade.

    The knife feels good when in hand, feels solid.
    Very very very handle heavy. F&F OK. Steel is wear resistant but doesnt tolerate any polishing with higher grit.
    Overally stainlessy feeling both when cutting and sharpening .

    Have to say the dimples are working but it doesnt help the knife cause the back side is flat or a little concave actually, tiny bit but this side of the blade sticks like hell.
    Its especially annoying on the stuff you can chop fast, when this knife does not allow that.

    The performance comparison? I would say any other knife in this price bracket.
    Was not able to make myself use it long enough [have better options laying around ] to tell you anything about edge retention, but the initial aggression and juice was lost after one, not so busy shift at work.

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