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Thread: Washing fruits and vegetables. Seriously, what's the point?

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    Count me in the crowd that think a little dirt/germ is good for you. I can't imagine disinfecting food before I eat it. I'm not at all afraid of the pesticides that are put on food, nor do I think there is a particularly good reason for anyone to be.

    However, the places I get my produce don't have the sprays, so I usually give them a rinse just to get dust and grit off before I eat. Dirt has a really unpleasant texture.

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    I rinse them because they are dirty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajhuff View Post
    Serious question. Why wash them? I get in case of tomatoes and they all look clean. They are all coated with "food safe wax" so running them under water is pointless since wax is a water repellent. Even if they are covered in salmonella rinsing them only dilutes the nasty. They would still be contaminated. I'm not talking about things like leeks or muddy radishes but things like tomatoes, eggplant, apples, etc.

    Is it just mental?


    PS I don't wash chicken either. CDC agrees with me on that.
    Be careful about washing any things.Thanks

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    While I agree about a little bacteria being essential,i always wash my fruit and veg.The USFDA has a great twitter site that may change your opinions.If you cook professionaly you have an obligation to minimise risk as much as possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThEoRy View Post
    The pickers are way out in the fields eating fruit all day. Miles away from a bathroom. Running water. Soap. Toilet paper. Nahmean?
    LOL Something I have never thought about... and never wanted to even consider.

    I usually just rinse my veggies, but I always scrub my fruit with vinegar. Forgetting the people who are raising the fruits, you have to remember the thousands of people who are handling them before you.

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    Fruits and vegetables are best food and good for health but we should wash them before eating. It will be good for our health. I always wash vegetables and fruits and i suggest everyone to do this.

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    Ask my mom.

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    At first I thought the question was meant to be tongue in cheek, but looks like I was wrong.
    I wash everything before using it. Maybe more than needed but nobody get's diarrhea when they eat at our house.
    When we eat out there is a 1 in 3 chance at least one of us will get sick.

    My thinking is that if a place is not sanitary there is no way I am going to eat anything there.

    Someone mentioned workers eating fruit/veggies in the field.
    I don't even want to think about the parasites they have living inside of them.

    This is a short blurp I copied from the CDC about sources of parasites in humans.

    Raw vegetables that have been contaminated by human or animal feces;

    Some foods are contamined by food service workers who practice poor hygiene or who work in unsanitary facilities.

    Symptoms of foodborne parasitic infections vary greatly depending on the type of parasite. Protozoa such as Cryptosporidium spp., Giardia intestinalis, and Cyclospora cayetanensis most commonly cause diarrhea and other gastrointestinal symptoms. Helminthic infections can cause abdominal pain, diarrhea, muscle pain, cough, skin lesions, malnutrition, weight loss, neurological and many other symptoms depending on the particular organism and burden of infection. Treatment is available for most of the foodborne parasitic organisms.

    Here is a photo of what you ate when you didn't wash your veggies.

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    Also you can have the same symptoms with some one using to much bleach to sanitize. Many times people use to much which is easy to get crossed with food, when prepping. In some places using bleach is against the law to use for sanitation in a restaurant.

    Not to take anything away from washing veggies either.
    Chewie's the man.

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    So if soaking them in salt water briefly makes these items taste salty, what does that say about their ability to absorb things, oh, say like chemicals? Sound like runing them under the tap will get that stuff out of the skin?
    Quote Originally Posted by Xuster View Post
    My friend's mom used to soak her fruits and veggies in salt water for a few minutes then wash. It was a fascinating experience eating mildly salty fruit. I just rinse with water though. I don't really care about the buggies, more the chemicals.

    And FYI, those freaking sprinklers in grocery stores...they scream LEGIONELLA!!!!! RUNNNNNNN

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