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    Contest > Product Reviews

    Before i go to Vacation i have a Contest.

    I copied Daves idea Thanks Dave !!
    We running same softwer on our websites and product Reviews is very importent for ours google results.

    Unfortunately Natural stones is so individual that you can not just write Review if you have stone with same name so you can only submit Review for a Natural stone if you have that exact stone. But there is plenty of products there that is Not Natural stones
    You can also add Reviews of JNS service and website under Testimonials

    Here's the rules.

    1. Go to and submit a product review for any product that i sell. You can select any product at all even if you didn't buy a particular product from me, exception Natural stones.

    Anonymous reviews is accepted.

    2. The review must be honest !!

    3. Enter as many reviews as you want - each review will be another entry (or another chance) to win the Stone. If you do 1 review then you'll have 1 chance to win and if you do 50 reviews then you'll have 50 chances to win, it's all up to you here.

    4. Now come back to this thread and drop a link to the review you wrote. This is VERY important because your post # from the show link post is the # for your entry into the contest. No show link post supplied and no entry into the contest supplied!

    5. A random number generator will be used to select the winner. Only one winner be selected.

    6. End date for review entries to be filed: 10 October 2012

    7. Drawing date: 10 October 2012

    8. Price Filarmonica #13 honed by me on Jnats and shave ready ! Or a Japanese Natural Stone for same Value in the Store

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I really appreciate all of yours feedback and support !
    Good luck
    Thanks Maksim !

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    Done! One review for the ワン・ツゥ・スリー stone holder.

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    The review titled "excellent Service"

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    Okay, if Cutty's getting in on the action, I have to give him a bit of competition

    Beston 500

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    Quote Originally Posted by echerub View Post
    Okay, if Cutty's getting in on the action, I have to give him a bit of competition
    Oh yeah, you lil' cherub? Well, take this! -- Red Aoto +++

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    Second shot across the bow...

    Yoshikane SKD gyuto:

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