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Thread: Pet peeves

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    Deep in the heart of a Texas kitchen
    Using my knives without my permission is a huge one.
    Whistling. (Drives me nuts.)
    Speaking so loudly in a one on one conversation that the entire kitchen can hear you. (I.e. Talking to the guy at the station right next to you and I can hear one side of the conversation very clearly at the other end of the kitchen.)
    Grabbing a sharpie from my pocket or grabbing one of my side towels because you don't have one on you. (It always seems to be the guys who give you a hard time about always having two towels on your person. Why is that???}
    Dull knives.
    Leaving your station a mess.
    Talking on the phone when you should be working.
    Generally, not being organized and squared away for service.

    Not really a kitchen peeve, but flip flops. Unless you're in a locker room, at a pool, or within a five minute walk of a major body of water, leave them at home. With the possible exception of a few attractive females, I just don't want to see everyone's feet. :-)

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    ^^^ +1 on the flip flops. My kids call me the flip flop nazi because I don't let anyone leave the house with flop flops on unless we are headed directly to the pool.
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    Quote Originally Posted by barramonday View Post
    Gumbys, people who can't dance during service, continually in the way or bumping into others . I've worked with a couple over the years.
    This seems unrelated to the persons physique, fitness or experience.

    Gumby's, I gotta remember that.
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    Not really a kitchen related pet peeves, but when people make the assumption because I flip burgers for a living, I am poor, unskilled and uneducated.

    Others include:
    Asking for a smoke break during volume.
    Not putting something away in the correct place in the walk in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kalaeb View Post
    Not really a kitchen related pet peeves, but when people make the assumption because I flip burgers for a living, I am poor, unskilled and uneducated.
    Oh, yes! ... +1

    And how about servers who aspire to being actors? 'I'm going for auditions/studying acting/am an actor/just doing this for $...' Yeah, sure. Well, we're all doing this for money and you've already been at it for 7 years, sugar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by knyfeknerd View Post
    People complaining about how tired they are or how much their vaginas hurt that day

    Not dressed acceptably.-If you can't figure out black pants, shoes and a white tee, you should be removed from the gene pool.

    Standing in my way when I'm busy- Seriously GTFO my way.

    Being happy and cheerful-Keep that kind of crap to yourself. Your good attitude makes me 10x grumpier and highlights the fact that you are an idiot.

    Telling me "This is how we do it in culinary school"

    and you guys don't pay any attention to cutty, he doesn't like fancy/custon handles on knives either. Tattoos don't bother me, bad tattoos do.
    Hey this is America, speak english!Tatoo's tribal,Likes people who make me laugh.

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    Dishwashers putting stuff away wet.

    I have to admit 90% of the previous mentioned pet peeves don't happen in my kitchen. Bad habits yes, bad work habits no.

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    What not Pau yet?Hurry up!

    Dull knives,other persons knives appearing next to me when I'm sharpening mine.

    Banquet persons who print up a whole new banquet sheet for every little change instead of coming down & making the change on the original sheet.

    Flip Flops? We call them slippers here,a fact of life.Likes soft comfortable Flojo's wt. good bottom grip so you don,t fall on your okole on wet smooth concrete.Likes bare foot Hula dancers.

    Late orders when closing up,just do it.You are a professional to serve the customer wt. good food it's your job.The beer can wait.

    Not using first in first out,over ordering,waste.

    Homo Sapians invented language so they could grumble

    Like efficient workers wt. little wasted movement,they do exist.

    Major pet pieeve is eating seafood at a rest. & getting the runs,me & my sweetie both got sick eating fish taco's,being in the buss.,know exactly how it happens,No Excuses!

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    I'm glad to see the comments about using a timer. The people I work with seem to think setting a timer makes them less cool if they set one. Like they feel only Hoke cooks set timers not pro cooks.

    I'll add another one. People I work with seem to think they will lose their man card if they use a thermometer. You have one in your jacket, USE it! I'd rather you stick every piece of meat than have one come back from customer.


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    Standing in tight spots and not moving when you know someone is trying to get past you.
    When you call "Legs!" to get into an oven or service fridge during service and the other person refuses to move (I realise this may be hypocritical, but still pisses me off).
    Cliques in a big kitchen.
    Generic pop radio stations (Thankfully I'm not subjected to it now, but my tolerance for Fox Fm has it's limits)


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