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Thread: Pet peeves

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    Senior Member Carl's Avatar
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    Granted my experience is 1% of most of you, but here it is.

    - Working dirty, i.e. not cleaning as you go with clean tools, methods and hands.
    - Talking without purpose, rambling, or taking the long way around the story you're telling.
    - Making someone stop and wait for you to finish what you're doing so they can finish what they're doing.
    - Improper use of salt, i.e. not enough, wrong kind, wrong time or any use of "table salt," aka "dirt."
    - Advising me how to cure my (instert ailment here), whether it's a headache, acid reflux, or knee pain. I'm a big boy and you're probably not a doctor.
    - Not scraping plates.
    - Toppers

    BBQ Heretic

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    Another thing that really pisses me off in my current job is that there is a huge menu yet orders always come in for stupid stuff that ain't on it because it's too much hassle for the waiting staff to say no to anybody. So you're flat out then you have to stop for like 5 mins to listen to someone explain exactly what the customer wants. That pisses me off a lot.

    Treating the dishwashers like dirt is another one as Cutty Sharp mentioned. I started off doing it so I have seen both sides of it

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    People buddying up with the Manager and screwing off at work
    Moving my knives
    Throwing away my drink
    Expecting to have your place reserved for your highness when you walk off
    not putting a *$&%(#* timer on the oven when you put something in
    People walking off with something I am in the middle of doing(taking half of the carrots I'm cutting, etc)
    Exhaling smoke while walking back into the kitchen/lighting up on your way out the door

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    Sorry--I just hit "what's new" and didn't see that this was "back of the house." But I bet my peeve still applies...
    Now is not the time to bother me. And it's always now. Wiley Miller

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    Yes, indeed it does Lucretia. The amount of misery that people will put themselves through because they've decided they hate some new person at work, compared to how much easier their lives would be if they just shut up and did their job.

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    Non-cooking people in my area
    Servers prepping or cutting deserts in the kitchen and then leaving the mess.
    Calling out an order up being asked whose it is
    Not washing hands
    Using a steak knife in the kitchen
    Not restocking your station
    Not being able to pronounce the food you make
    Not being able to describe the food you make


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    Quote Originally Posted by Cutty Sharp View Post
    My peeves when I was in the kitchen:

    almost all the wait staff
    late orders for steak tartare after I'd cleaned the meat grinder
    the sh!t music people would play
    end of shift cleaning
    people dumping on and treating the dishwashes like sh!t
    almost all the wait staff, if I haven't already mentioned that
    the wait staff
    Dumping on the dish guys angers me too. They work to hard to be treated like sh!t

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    My biggest pet peeve.....getting blood on my clown suit. And potluck dinners

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    Tattoo's? that's an interesting one

    -Cooks that Don't shower
    -Servers that wear to much cologne
    - Mise Leaches
    - Running half plated tables
    -Over temped protien
    -Canned product

    +10 on treating dishwashers poorly
    It's not the Answer it's the Experience

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    Servers who call tickets conversationally. I have one or two good ones who know when they need to talk to me about something...and the rest....

    Server : "Heyyyyy.....Josh.........So the woman at 34 in the green shirt ...who comes here all the time, well....she's here with her kids tonight but the boy can't have gluten...I don't really know how serious it is..but she said you've made the ribeye for her before and it wasn't a problem, so I figured it wouldn't be....but I just wanted to check with you because they have a movie to catch and I just wanted to make sure because they're really nice and I know one time they did have a problem where we ended up comping them for lunch so is it ok if...."

    Me: "Did you put it on the ticket?"

    Server: "No, that the reason I wanted to ask you..."

    Me: "There's a button for it...go away."

    On the other hand servers who learn to be concise, loud, and filter what the customer tells them; instead of regurgitating it to us are worth their weight in gold.

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