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Thread: Do You Carry a Knife

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    I don't carry anything in my pockets. I work from home so I have a drawer full of sharp things to use. These are the ones I use most.

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    Used to always carry a spyderco. Last five years it's been a SOG trident tiger stripe.

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    Hah! That's funny drinky, I have one of those kurouchi finished utility folders too!

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    I always carry a Swiss Army Knife and until recently when SWMBO lost it somewhere in the house, a Spyderco Calypso Jr with micarta scales. Until I find it, I'm carrying a Spyderco Delica.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miles View Post
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    I never ever leave home without a knife in my pocket. My #1 choice since 1999 has been my Al Mar SERE 2k which is an impractical choice, it's too big and heavy really, but it's a tank and that counts for something.

    Like Son I'm an old schooler and love vintage slip joints the most but I hardly ever carry them even though I have MANY to choose from.

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    I have a bunch I rotate. Old Benchmade Ascent in 440C, Benchmade Mini Rukus, MicroTech Socom Elite 154-CM, Kershaw Volt 2, Leek, Vapor 2, CRKT M16, Gerber Applegate Fairbain small and large assisted openers, or one of the other 10 pocket knives I have kicking around. I have a Spyderco Native in S30V, but I haven't been able to find it in 2 years I carry the cheaper ones for work ( I work 3rd shift security) that I won't care if I snap it or lose it. I put most of my money into kitchen stuff

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    Been carrying a pocket knife every day since I was 6 yrs. old (goes in the suitcase obviously, when traveling by air). Rotate Spyderco Endura 4, Cold Steel Land & Sea Rescue, and Swiss Army Parachutist (I prefer the seat belt cutter to the saw blade of the Trekker). Used to carry expensive knives like Chris Reeve Sebenza, but in recent years, with the constantly increasing feeling in the country that a knife is automatically a weapon, rather than a tool, I fear that some overzealous cop will confiscate it for no reason. The three knives I named will do practically any chore required, and I'd feel a little better about losing a $50-75 knife than a $400 Sebenza...but I'd still be mighty pissed off. ;-)

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    Benchmade 551 and a Victorinox Sportsman when I was in the kitchen. My wife carries the Sportsman now.
    Leatherman Skeletool CX when I am working
    Victorinox Recruit with custom wood scales(I.E. I made them from my daughter's first rocking chair and it won't hold a toothpick & Tweezers) when I am out and about with the family.

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    Depends where I am. In NYC where just about anything is illegal (including 16 oz. sugared drinks!) I carry a very inconspicuous low riding Spyderco Chapparal. In the country I go with something a little bit bigger, the Spyderco Sage 2.
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