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Thread: What would you recommend to friends?

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    Hiro G3
    I have the gyuto - bought as a budget stainless knife for the Baja beach house - it's actually a freakin' amazing knife for the dollars
    I never had a Tojiro back in the day, but the G3 IHMO has to be the current value leader

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    i agree with a simple combo stone - the easier you make it for someone to start to want to sharpen their knives, the easier they'll get sucked into this hobby just like us (which I think is a good thing, right?). as far as knife recommendations, i also wouldn't go for a three-knife set - two should be fine. as far as which knives - even though the AS is clad, I typically don't make that recommendation to folk - i stick with togiharu or fujiwara.

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    I would also push either the Tojiro or Hiro AS 240. When I bought my first J knive I got a 210 gyuto, then I tried a 240, after a little time with the 240 the 210 just collects dust.

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