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Thread: Masamoto VG 270 mm Suji NEW, FOR Sale again

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    Is the knife still available?

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    A few people have mentioned that they were interested but needed a few weeks.

    Knife is still new in box, im fine with being patient i dont need to sell so one day it will find a nice new home

    Ill only buy another knife with the money anyways !!! ive got my eye on a Suisin kiritsuke gyuto with iichi handle from Jon. My last new purchase was a Gesshin Hide 240 from Jon and its just a wonderful thing, the blade is just spectacular, lots of people do great work and the US customs are very attractive but you cant beat Japanese steel !!


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    I'll be honest, I expect you to laugh at me and tell me to goaway, I have 124 CAD in the bank I could spend if you would do it for that shipped to Victoria BC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vertigo View Post
    This again?! Damn.

    I admire your perseverance, Welshy. I woulda dropped this thing to $10 and a pack of smokes by now.

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    Where are you located?

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    I'm in Chicago, but I do have a way it get back to Canada via a work colleague so would still do it for $170 shipped

    This knife s brand new, it's a good price and I'm not dropping, it will sell eventually or I am also discussing a trade for services with a vendor.

    Sold knives to cheap early on, it's already 30% off list so it's a good deal

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    Monthly bump !!

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    Seems so crazy this hasn't sold yet. Good deal on a nice knife, surely somebody needs a 270!
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    is it sold..Im interested

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