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Thread: Customer Complaint

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    Every wooden object in my house has some sort of minor imperfection. It's a piece of tree, after all.

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    Ahmm, Are we making mountains out of slag heaps?

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    When customers eat at my restaurant, I don't fight with them over missed expectations or concerns that they feel warrant a refund.

    Put it this way: I Hope everyone who eats here has a wonderful time, I Know everyone who eats here is treated fairly, but I do Not want every customer to come back.

    We choose a method and standard that allows us to eek out a mortgage payment, but if you want your 14oz steak -- grilled well done -- fat free -- prime cut -- in 8 minutes for 10 bucks, and don't like that 'char" flavor... by all means let me buy your lunch, chat you up, and recommend somewhere else to try next time.

    That being said... I still **** up if you ordered Steak and got Cobia, yeah that was my fault ... lol

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