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Thread: Low tech, lam wa-handles

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    Low tech, lam wa-handles

    I have some pieces of nice curly maple and some type of rosewood I'm not sure what it is, but decided to make some new handles for a couple of Tojiro ITKs. One is a 210mm Gyuto the other is a 150 Petty. I also did one for my Yamawaku 210 Gyuto. I did't have time to jig up to drill solid chunks so I laminated these these together. I can see where this is going and am thinking of ways to jig for handles. The finish is thinned tung-oil with a little urethane for hardness.

    Tojiro 210 gyuto

    Gyuto and Petty

    Yamawaku 210 Gyuto

    Layout for core - it's as thick as the tang

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    Looks nice Mike
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