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Thread: What to do with Apple Pie Moonshine

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajhuff View Post
    You can't be one state removed from Canada and call yourself in the South, unless your from Canada.

    I'm not remotely south or north. My family was living in Norway during the civil war and only came to the US in the 1900s -- but if you consider being part Sami Eskimo north, then I am from from the north

    Btw, I have some Ukrainian moonshine at home. Marko can correct me if he reads this thread, but they call it Samahon (with a soft 'g'). I might need to use this soon.


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    It is true that Kentucky is listed as being a Union state, but nothing about the Civil War was simple-especially Kentucky politics. History is written by the victors. When i was workin&G in Bermuda the Brit managers referred tome as a"Yank", and did not understand my objection.

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