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Thread: Beatty Cleaver and Couperet de boucher

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    Beatty Cleaver and Couperet de boucher

    What u ask is a couperet de boucher (thanks steely for your google wizardry)...its only the biggest, baddest cleaver u will EVER pick up in your life..........a guy had a farm in france with all these old tools and cleavers least that's what i is HUGE and HEAVY!!! is 11 inches wide and has a 8 inch cutting edge by dave.....when i say this can go thru anything i aint kidding.....u better be on a stable surface cause it might go thru the board and table and then your leg....i aint kidding......this is the manly man cave cleaver to end all has two different colors metal because of the fact it was etched and brought the two different steel colors......asking 175 plus me when tell you will never sees vintage one like this again....i have only seen two....and i got the other one in my closet!

    next i have a beatty cleaver number one...sharpened by dave.....excellent condition...ready for some work or to just scare th shell outta someone in time for halloween.......just over 16 inches long with an 8 inch cutting edge....asking 95 plus shipping

    Click image for larger version. 

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    viva la revolucion !

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    I love that thing! I have no use for it and yet my brain still wants to buy it just for the story.

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