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Thread: Re-Handling: tips, advice

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    Carter's pakka-wood specials are an especially tempting target for re-handling; not only are they relatively inexpensive, but the improvement can be pretty dramatic.
    Also dramatic can be the degree of difficulty for your average cub scout looking for a merit badge. I just finished re-handling a Carter Funyaki I'd bought on sale for the just that purpose, and it now actually looks pretty nice, with a spalted maple handle, and brass Corby's (except for the one I ground too far . .). And, I know a lot more about chiseling, and the need for accuracy, than I used to, or really wanted to. I should have stuck with full-tang blades for awhile.

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    I've been using pins for years, along with either Devcon 2 ton or more recently, JB Kwik Weld. The only time I had a handle come off was many years ago when Devcon shipped 5 minute epoxy in the 2 ton packaging. I used JB Kwik Weld and it's been on even since. If I remove a handle that has been epoxied, I have to usually chisel the handle off. Surface prep is important; rough up both surfaces well and make sure to clean the dust off and degrease the handle with a cleaner that doesn't leave a residue. Testing was done a few years back and they used a cleaner, but it left a residue and messed with some of the results. With the Kwik Weld, you need to move fast to get it done in time and clean the front edge, but it can be done. The Devcon 2 ton should work well and gives you more time to clean it up and stuff.

    Like Dave said, you need to finish the front part of the handle because you won't be able to get in there easily once it's on the tang. Depending on your resources, making it into a spacer Wa handle may be the best way to go with limited tools. Or grind it down into a stick tang for a Wa style knife.

    I have pretty much a step by step tutorial somewhere online, but I don't know if I'm allowed to post it since I'm not a Hobbyist member any longer; all of my posts in that forum got deleted.

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    THis is a lot of great info Thank you for sharing with me! I am in process of gathering my mise and the first thing on my list is planning and this bountiful information is very helpful for that! So thank you again!

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