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Thread: Need input on this appetizer

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    Final product sounds good JG. More pics please.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bieniek View Post
    Great written Josh!

    From my perspective.

    Transglutaminase. You can glue two lobster tails together with their bottoms [white parts], so the end of one is on top of front of the other one, with a slice of ham in the middle. Then roll it and you get almost round shape. Not sure whether you need any kind of meat to go with it, but you choose. I just think you have too many things going around on the plate.
    You must also have time to serve it so sweat little more on balancing the dish rather than on presentation. 3 or four flavours and a simple leaves or something fried/microwave dried will do.

    From peppers - red and yellow, capers, tarragon, olive oil and asparagus [tops sliced lengthwise in half - just add them a la minute, so they dont loose appearance ] you could make a simple vierge.
    So lobster + vierge and yeah maybe a foam of some sort maybe onion or if too sweet something spicy, like chorizo foam?

    Everything you could conserve by lowering pH I consider autumn-winter menu applicable.

    Alternatively, The corn puree is nice option. and I agree 100 percent with Josh you can roast a pepper, have it in bigger bits or smaller dice or even brunoise but theres no point to have puree from yellow capsicum and dice from red, especially with skin on...

    Or just go loud... a la Rossini You could use only claws here if you have other lobster dishes on menu, and a fried liver or a terrine/roll/sausage, then you could use sauternes I think its ok for both main ingredients. with a simple salad again and a piece of pain-perdu or a brioche rolled with apple puree.

    Thank you sir

    I would've gone much more modernist and delved into other ingredients, but as stated above- I was trying to stay in the profiles chosen, and I didn't want to stray too far from what is standard in regards to equipment in the majority of kitchens. Otherwise I'd drag smoke, sous vide, xanthan, and an ISI into the equation...

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    Oh I havent had a plan to sound too modernist'y really...

    Transglutaminase aint really so new in the kitchen or hard to find.

    The foam might be produced with a stick-blender, Im not sure one could go without lecitine but then foam can be dropped.

    I was in fact thinking about xantan but thought its too much

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    Need input on this appetizer

    I would suggest the corn bread as well. You can make blue corn and yellow corn muffins. Happy Holidays! even just a salad.

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    Needs more cowbell.

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    I would use claw meat as well unless you can guarantee tender tail every plate. Charred corn puree sounds good as a binder. At this rate why not add avocado to equation. Maybe roll it like eho-maki? Maybe a few spicy, blackened string beans for garnish.

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    As an afterthought - if you do a lot of lobster save that roe. Lobster meat, roe, avocado wrapped in prosciutto bound with charred corn puree sounds good to me.

    Personally I'd find a way to incorporate the tomalley as well.

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