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Thread: Dried raspberry ???

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    Dried raspberry ???

    hey everyone....i have a sconerecipe that i like and i have somedried raspberries.....can i just throw in some?....should i try and hydrate them?.....good idea?....bad idea?......ryan

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    Ryan -- I did a quick consult w/ my wife. She has played quite a bit w/ scone recipes over the last couple years. The dried raspberries put her off a bit; she recommended frozen if you have them.

    But with that being said, she's made a bunch with dried currents (not rehydrated), and they are really good. The chewy dried fruit is a nice texture contrast, plus the dried fruit has a more concentrated flavor. The only reason to hydrate is if you want to add more flavor by soaking them in some kind of alcohol
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    I love dried cranberries in my scones, I don't see what the problem would be with using raspberries.

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    make 1/3 of the mix with dried, 1/3 with soake in alcohol, and 1/3 with raspberry liqueur
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    Screw scones....throw them in a bottle of vodka!


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    Yeah soak em in brandy or rum or whatever till they plump up.
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    thanks guys...ryan

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