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Thread: Saya ventures!

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    I think if I was doing a 3-piece sheath for a knife that got really fat at the ferrule, I would actually carve into the 2 side pieces of the sheath a bit near the top of the cavity to allow the last little bit of the emoto/tang to get through. The cavity in the sheath might end up looking a bit weird as a result, but I'd rather do that than have the middle piece of wood be really fat to accomodate the thickness of the emoto/tang. Not sure if that made any sense in writing.

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    I agree with you! Much easier to carve out for the fat tang than to try to thin down the spacer at an angle or use a really fat spacer and have all of the play inside.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike9 View Post
    I learned a good lesson today. I made a saya out of three pieces of Italian bending poplar which is nominal 1/8" for my Honyaki gyuto and the slightly blade is thinner than the middle ply. It worked out quite well with even a little side to side play. Then I figured WTH and made one for my Kiritsuke. What I learned is measure the tang at the ferrule!! While the blade is thin it gets wider at the tang and I had to fiddle with making something with sand paper to widen that part of the saya . . . Doh!!! This is where calipers are handy and barring that one could make a go/no go gauge for a particular knife. Oh well - learn something new every day even if it's the hard way.
    hahaha I feel that`s the best way to learn!! I had to break my latest one apart because I was a little to hasty with glue and didn't carve enough out. But noty only did you learn what not to do you figured out how to fix it if it gets done!! that A TWO for ONE deal right there!!

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