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Thread: Contest - Win a Surprise WA Re-handle

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    OK, I thought about my Takeda, butt I like the handle on it, so how about this one, I'm using more and more and it works well!
    Spike C
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    Here's an old picture from when it was new. No way to upload a current photo until I find some USB cables.

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    Konosuke hd 240mm gyuto.
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    Ikkanshi tadatsuna 270 gyuto, white#2
    Fingers crossed.....[IMG][/IMG]
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    I've put a lot of work into this knife as it was purchased to learn on. It's a great cutter and really needs a new pair of shoes Awesome contest, thanks for doing this!

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    I'm in with my Sakai Yusuke 240mm gyuto Thank you for the great contest

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burl Source View Post
    Come on Cutty Sharp, enter the contest. If you win we will make it something conservative that will go good with your red mohawk and tattoos.
    Hehe... mohawk and tattoos, how'd you know! Seriously, I haven't got a big collection and wouldn't want to spare anything, and I'm quite happy with all my wa-handles which are either ho or ichii. If I pick up a stinker in Japan next week I'll try and post it before the 29th, although that's the day I return. ... And then if I win you can get get your revenge with an over-the-top pink-mauve burl! (I'd vow to keep it too.)

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    Sorry about the lame cell phone pic but I'd love a new pair of shoes on my Suisin Yanagiba.
    The OG handle has started to crack a little bit on the bottom side just behind the ferrule.
    Thanks for the chance at a sweet new handle Mark and Mike!

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    That knife has character! Nice pic.
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    Here's one that needs some new shoes. Ferrule has started to move a little, and the backside has a marred spot on the horn that makes me wince every time I see it. It's a Doi 300mm Takohiki.

    Thanks for doing this M&M!

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