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Thread: 2000th Member Giveaway!

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    Deep dish pizza that my mom made in a huge pan that my dad made. If I can get the pan from the sister that has it I would try to make one like it!
    Spike C
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    Pork & Shrimp Egg Rolls with Peanut butter in the mix. I can still eat 7-8 in a sitting and yes it is a guilty pleasure I still enjoy.

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    Mom's homemade Meatballs with fresh spaghetti and homemade tomatosouce... only mom knows . i tryd about 10001 times. never gets as good even thou i know what she use.

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    Grandma's biscuits and gravy. Still could eat them every day.

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    Macaroni, bacon and tomatoes. A simple thing my grandma made for us and I still make it. It is pure comfort for me and a connection to fond memories.

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    Chips and salsa. My parents would get mad if I ate a tub of ice cream late at night, so they offered a large 3lb bag of chips with a 64 ounce bottle of la Victoria salsa as an alternate choice. Still one of my favorite snack foods, though now I tend to make my own salsa.

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    Lefse. It's a Norwegian potato flat bread. For a shamefully long time I thought everyone in America ate this during the holidays.

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    Anything my Oma (grandma) would make - all and only Dutch food. She was a little traditional and suspicious if it wasn't, you see, but still was a much better cook than my more open-minded mother. Boerenkool, snert, pannenkoeken, meat meth boterjus, oliebollen, rice pie and several other goodies. Sure I'd still like it, but she's not around anymore.

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    wyoming, closer to nowhere than somewhere.
    peanut butter and banana sandwich. it has to have miracle whip on it tho.. I still make it every now and then. Damn I have to goto the store.
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    Rosti potatoes or "Potato pancakes" as my grandmother called them. still love it
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