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    My fathers meatball's (from his off the boat Italian mother), if I happen by any day hen he's making sauce I'll still steal about 10-15 out of the pan and eat them fresh. I always see it as a waste when after frying they get dumped into the simmering sauce, as they are at there best stuck on a fork straight from the oil and lightly salted.

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    Campfire jaffles. Usually filled with leftovers from the niht before.

    I'm not even sure I they exist in North America, but its a toasted sandwich cooked in a cast iron press that seals the edges to make a sort of sandwich pocket.

    My favourite was always bolognese.

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    Baked chicken and rice

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    my grandmother's brisket and these crazy little oven fried potatoes

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    Roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, gravy. we ate that once a week my whole
    Childhood, my mum still makes it whenever we are all together.
    In order to make delicious food, you must eat delicious food. Jiro Ono

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    For some reason, broccoli was my favorite, and while I still do like it, it's just a vegetable...

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    Childhood -- mainly bbq spare ribs. When very young (toddler) it was hot dogs.

    Guess it's a pork thang
    David (WildBoar's Kitchen)

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    Italian cold cut sub with everything on it, hots, oil and vinegar...absolutely still eat them, usually 2-3 a month.

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    Charlotte, NC AKA The Queen City! The lint-filled belly button of the south.
    My mom was/is a horrendous cook. However she did make me a meal out of this cheap little D.C. comics cookbook flyer thing. It was a Superman cheeseburger. Topped with a cheddar slice cut 5 sided and an S Superman logo.
    My dad was the good cook. Believe it or not my favorite of his was S.O.S. He told me when I got older, he'd tell me what it meant. We also had these killer "hobo dinners" all wrapped in foil that you'd throw in the campfire on a Boy Scout camping trip.
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    Pot roast & mashed. My Mom learned the recipe her father, who was a Navy cook in the 30's.
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