Hi from a Georgia blacksmith
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Thread: Hi from a Georgia blacksmith

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    Hi from a Georgia blacksmith

    Hi all,

    I posted once or twice under a different username a few days ago, but changed it upon request and didn't do a proper intro, so here it is.

    I'm not a fabulous cook, though I enjoy it and am getting better, but I come at the knife obsession from the knifemaking end. I grew up with access to my dad's blacksmith shop and have always been tinkering with building knives, axes, and swords. I hunt, gather, and fish, do all my own butchering and meat processing (deer and feral hogs mostly), garden, raise chickens, and do wood, leather, and metal work. I do my best to make my own tools for these tasks, largely because I've always been a poor student and/or head of an ever-growing family. Things with edges make me giddy and 3-D visions of edge geometry keep me up at night. KKF seems like a good group of people who like high-performance edges and know a lot more about knife history and designs than I do, so I'm happy to be here with all you knife nuts!


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    Welcome Luke.
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    Welcome from a fairly new member himself.

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    Welcome!! it would be great to see some pictures of your work

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    Welcome! I'm a huge Georgia Bulldogs fan. If I get to make it to a game this year I'd love to see your shop. Go Dawgs.

    Sooooo ssoooo so many beautiful girls in Athens.
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    Welcome! Hubby grew up in Athens (a LOOOONG time ago!) It's a neat place.

    As a Ramblin' Wreck, I will try to forgive you Georgia Bulldog fans.
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    Welcome to KKF!!!

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