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Thread: Wetshavers- Heads up- Charity auction at the B&B for the NBCF

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    Exclamation Wetshavers- Heads up- Charity auction at the B&B for the NBCF

    B&B is doing a fundraising Auction for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. There are almost 80 lots, so stop by and get some great gear and support a great cause. Who knows you may see a knife or cutting board!

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    Thanks, Jim! Might I add some "hype", if it's ok.

    I have a Rudy Vey brush (there are a few for sale on the charity link), and it is incredible. If you guys want a great badger brush, these more than fit the bill!

    Take a look around at:

    Email me at:

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    Thanks Gents, its hopping!

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    Well we wrapped up the Auction and thanks to Dave and Jon amongst the donors, we raise 15,800 bucks for the NBCF- many thanks guys.

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    Wow, congrats. That's quite an impressive total. My hat is off to you guys for doing this.
    Who is the lucky bidder that scored the Dave pinky spacer knife?
    That is a great looking knife.
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    Joshua won the auction with a 500.00 bid. The bidding was hot and heavy for this knife. Thanks again Dave, Jon and Sara!

    Here is the link to the knife page

    The cutting board went for 250.00 to a knife nut.

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