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Thread: Holy cow, I love EMS!

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    Holy cow, I love EMS!

    Holy moly, I love how fast things get shipped by EMS!

    I ordered a small lil' nakiri from Yamahide and they shipped it out 2 days ago. Seeing it on my desk today was an absolute surprise. I can't even get a package sent out within my own country that quickly - how the heck do they **consistently** manage to get something halfway across the world that quickly!?

    Love it!

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    I hear you. I live in Northern Ireland and often I can get things quicker from Japan by EMS than I can from mainland UK

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    Excuse my ignorance, but EMS is...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jmadams13 View Post
    Excuse my ignorance, but EMS is...
    Express Mail Service.

    Packages from Japan all seem to come this way (and arrive in record time).

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