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Thread: Where Would You Like To Live?

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    Quote Originally Posted by steeley View Post
    In the supple bosom of Christina Hendricks.


    Mmmmm yes.

    I'm about a year away from moving and France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Austria are all on the radar.

    If I could pick to have dual citizenship anywhere in the world though it would be Switzerland.

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    Switzerland huh? I think they are pretty tough with the citizenship rules. My first daughter was born in Chêne-Bougeries/Geneva and she gets no benefit from being born there. But I agree with you that it would be a nice place to live.


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    Another "grew up in Miami". I'm pretty happy with the Pacific Northwest. Stunningly gorgeous geography, some nice cities to visit, great place for outdoor activities. The biggest problem we've had is that there isn't enough rain in the summer (seriously.)
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    You do not have to be rich to enjoy Hawaii.I started working in kitchens at night so I could surf in the daytime.I tried being a waiter but I sucked at that & landed in the back of the house.Line cook at Nick's Fishmarket.

    Also worked charter boats for 3 job but low pay,saw all the Islands fr.Niihau to the Big Island Fr. the water.

    My sweetie likes every thing that's free.She knows all the free stuff going on.I take her Costco & she hits all the sample tables.Free Hawaiian music,all the fairs,Chinatown,Kapiolani park.She is a Nurse good pay,but would rather spend it on food & travel.

    I would like to go to New Zeland

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    Me? North of Denver, south of Longmont, east of Boulder (all in Colorado), or a close #2 Norman, OK. My wife's family is moving to CO, and of course Norman is my home town. No bigger reasons that that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cutty Sharp View Post
    Montreal, yes, but only for the warm 3 months of the year!
    as a fat guy, the cold 9 months of the year sound great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by apicius9 View Post
    So, are you guys looking for a health psychologist with public health experience - then I might consider it I love visiting the city, but I still think I would be overwhelmed living there. Sensory overload. As much as I like to think of myself as a cosmopolitan person, cities around 1 million people seem to be my limit. They offer enough stimuli but I can still find some peace and quiet when I need it.

    I love living in nyc, and like RiffRaff said this city has everything except apartment space. LOL It's a wonderful city and you never get bored, but it gets exhausting and definitely not for everyone. Heck, sometimes I don't think it's for me either. If I could live anywhere I would like to live in Seattle, Vancouver, San Francisco, Sweden, London, or Gibraltar (UK).

    If I were to choose from any of the places Mr.Dinky listed, it would be Walla Walla. I hear Portland is really nice too.

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    South Park Colorado. At least I would fit in there.

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