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Thread: New Knife Types in Works

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    True Single Beveled Knife - Honesuki

    I flattened a typical honesuki profile, so it is easier to sharpen (bevel flat down on the stone), including the tip area. Back is hollow ground - I like it much better than a flat back.

    I heat treated this blade the same way I do my other knives in 52100 to 62.5RC, but I might adjust hardness for later knives after I get a feedback on performance.

    Knife will go out for testing for performance (geometry, edge toughness when cutting through bones, wear resistance, sharpness, etc). After I get some feedback, I will make another prototype.

    My next single-beveled project - yanagi followed by mioroshi deba. All will be done in 52100 steel.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    "If there’s something worth doing, it’s worth overdoing.” - An US saying.

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    Love it love it love it

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    Sweet. Looking forward to seeing the mioroshi deba as well.

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    Beautiful blade, Marko.

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    Looks nice Marko!
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    nice =)

    its like 52100 honyaki ?

    first single bevel knife ?
    if no , please link with your another one.

    what spine thickness at the heel ?

    i use global_g7 for allpurpose line knife on sushibar, besides cutting rolls(yoshikane suji here, yanagis is too thick for more rolls).

    now i think about some Honesuki, he can take a seat =) for allpurpose knife.

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    Sorry, missed these questions.

    Yes, you can say that 52100 is heat treated similarly to how Japanese heat treat oil-quenched monosteel blades - honyaki. It's different than mizu-honyaki (water-quenched). Also, 52100 is deeper hardening steel, so applying clay to the spine won't produce similar hamon figure as on white or blue steels.

    Spine thickens at the handle will vary from 4.5 to 3mm, but over heel the spine thickness will be in the area of 3.25-3mm on all knives larger than 180mm. This is intentionally, as the knife gets a sturdy, solid feel.

    "If there’s something worth doing, it’s worth overdoing.” - An US saying.

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    In the next couple of weeks I will finish a prototype drop point I started some months ago, as well as a neck knife I am going to gift to a friend. Still working on design and haven't selected the steel, but leaning AEB-L or 19C27, or 52100.

    Resurecting a 3 year old project of a modified honesuki/petty knife. Probably 135mm. Traditional single bevel, hollow back, fairly thin, so could be used as a petty. Will have a prototype in a couple of weeks. If well received, will offer it in carbon, stailness and damascus san mai (monosteel core, damascus front, two layers)

    Changing honesuki profile. Prototype in a couple of weeks, and this one will be passed around.

    Western handled scimitar prototype (modified profile of a classic scimitar), as well as Western handle gyuto (also prototype) will come sometimes in February.

    Yanagi prototype 2.0 will be done sometimes in February after I receive a feedback on verions 1.0. If well received, it will be offered in 52100, and 52100 damascus san mai (two layers, plain steel in the back, damascus in the front)

    That's all.

    "If there’s something worth doing, it’s worth overdoing.” - An US saying.

    If my KKF Inbox is full (or not), please contact me via Email:

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    Your a busy man. Great stuff Marko, very exciting!

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    You are really blazing some new and exciting trails. The single bevel really looks great. I can tell you're going to have a very busy year coming up.
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