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Thread: 210 verus 240?

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    210 verus 240?

    Hi all,

    Just looking for some input into which is a better all round, do it all knife. The 240 to me looks huge but I see people on this forum tend to list it as the standard go to chefs knife. My current go to knife is a 7" santoku which works great for me.

    Is the 240 worth it if I want one good everyday chefs knife or should I go with the 210? what would I use the extra length for? cutting pumpkins/watermellon (I never really cut these kind of things anyways)


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    I think you should look at the 240mm. While it will look big, the weight will be similar to a 9" chef knife.
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    It's just personal preference. I like a 240 for work, as the added length is good for large volume prep. At home I use a smaller knife, like a 210 or nakiri. My home kitchen is pretty small and 240 is overkill. And I'm not usually doing the volume, so the smaller blade is appropriate. If you have the space in your kitchen/large enough cutting surface and want to give the 240 a go, I say do it. It is a more versatile knife, and when you get used to it in your hand, it won't feel large. But you won't be disappointed with a 210.

    What knives are you considering?

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    Much like TVs, if u have the room, go larger!!! I use a 270 for almost everything at home. Then again I have the room to use it. Once I was used to it, I never looked back.

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    I used an 8" chef's for 15+ years, then got a 210MM gyuto, then a 240 gyuto. I like the extra length, and will probably get a 270 next time around. I haven't found it any more difficult to use for any of my prep work. I agree with the other posters about making sure you have the space for it though: make a mockup to compare to your cutting board, get a sense of what it will do to your elbow, etc.

    I can't imagine ever making good use of a 300MM though. Perhaps if I were in a professional kitchen instead of my home.

    If it's a ? of $$, I'd rather have a good 210 than a decent 270.

    Good luck!
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    I'm home cooker, my favor is 240mm gyuto pair with 165mm santoku. sometime 240mm just overkill for simple light home cooking; satoku is good for all around utility knife!! It's just my preference..
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    If you are a home cook then i would recommend 210mm. but as other pointed, if you have more space go for bigger

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    And to add to the confusion...

    Home cook, cooking for 2. My knife of choice is 180. I have a 210 for my "long" knife. I don't know that a 240 would work in my tiny kitchen. I have a big old 11" Henckels when I need to split a watermelon. I haven't used a 240, but am very happy with my "short" knives.
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    Me too. I have a 180mm nakiri and santoku that I grab the most, along with a smaller petite. I've got a 240mm gyuto and another bigger one too, but I find that they seem a bit much when cooking just for myself and wife at home, as much as I like to use that 240 when possible. I'll be in Japan in another couple days and am considering getting a 210 gyuto or sujihiki. My home kitchen workspace is so small, the board I normally use isn't big enough for anything more than a 210, even if a 210 might sometimes feel small to me.

    In a pro kitchen I'd want a 270 gyuto for big prep work (or bigger) and maybe a 210 suji or gyuto as a go-to.

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    I am a home user, and would suggest the 240.

    I mistakenly got a 270 as a first knife (internet order), and it looked like a freaking sword, but now looks pretty managable. I think the 240 I think is the sweet spot for the workhorse knife. The 210 is fine, but I would push the boundries a bit.

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