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Thread: First Saya

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lefty View Post
    Looks great, Mike! I recognize that little guy.
    it's a great little knife. It has really become my go to line knife. I love it, thanks again.

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    Canada's Sharpest Lefty
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    That's great to read! It is an awesome little knife!

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    If you guys need pins, look at Guitar Bridge Pins sets. I got 6 of the bridge pins, plus a huge End pin for like $6-$6.50, including Ebony with MOP inset and Rosewood with Abalone inset. The plain ones w/o insets are a little cheaper. Grizzly is where I got mine from and they even have a reamer to ream the holes so they fit the taper. I used a 3/16" drill to drill the hole for the pin, then reamed it.

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    looks good!!! great for a first try! I like the friction fit personally it saves me the hassle of trying to find a new pin after I lose the first one and the second one, and after probably choking on the third one (jk) hahaha but I cant imagine hollowing out one that seems really difficult!!

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