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Thread: Cocktails

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    Woodford reserve,Bombay gin,Ice over soda ....

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    Quote Originally Posted by ecchef View Post
    Almost perfect. For me, Hendricks gin.

    Negronis are also pretty tasty.
    Juniperos Gin Made by anchor steam.

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    absolut pears vodka
    full throttle citrus energy drink
    cran-apple juice
    wedge of lime

    pink drink:
    bacardi limon
    minute maid mixberry juice
    orange juice
    slice of orange

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    Quote Originally Posted by mc2442 View Post
    Ice, Jack, a little diet coke
    Good choice. I usually do lots of ice, Jack, Coke, wedge of lemon, enjoy.

    My other go to would be Vodka, bar lime, and Sprite or 7-Up.

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    Well since it was a show day I'm enjoying a double scotch chased with dogfish head 60 - 'nuff said . . .

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