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Thread: Hi, Max here. Japanese knives dancing in my head

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    Welcome to the forum, Max!

    And yes, I'm sure we're talking about the same Jon.

    Jon (and his wife, Sara) are members/vendors here, with their own subforum (Japanese Knife Imports).

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    Welcome. Go north on route 9 about 25 minutes to warren cutlery. They have a pretty big selection of japanese knive and they will let you play aroun with all of them

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    Availible Knives

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaximuSsam View Post
    Lol you from singapore or msia?
    Ngak, sori ya mas! Dari Kanada. Tapi gw tinggal di KL tiga tahun dan istri saya dari Jawa.

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    Next time you're in NYC stop by Korin & some of the other shops. Welcome to the forums.
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