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Thread: 210 verus 240?

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    two points to consider:
    *240mm is more easy to sale if you want upgrade later on!
    *some 210mm is too narrow for chopping

    Charles ***[All statements I made here only my personal opinion and nothing more!]*** & Please bare with me for my crappy English!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vertigo View Post
    If you can't chop the bacon while doing the tomato, onion, and sandwich at the same time, you have failed. Bigger knife IMO.
    Oh I thought it was the skill[which I clearly lack] not the tool, but anyway was soooooooo right to order that 450mm honyaki chefs knife.

    An some bigger sanituff

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    I am not going to show off my mod 365mm gyuto since you guys are envious of stupidly long knives . For home cook, most of the time I use 210mm, next is 240mm, then 180mm petty, 150, 120, 365. Excellent excuses for getting knives.

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