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Thread: Zakuri 165mm Blue #1 Kurouchi Tosagata Bocho - $70?!? Thoughts?

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    It feels a little cheap at first, sort of toy-like, but after awhile I found myself using it for all sorts of stuff.

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    If Jon offers it, it's better than anything you can find locally...unless you live in Seki, or something....

    Also, you'd be surprised how nice of a size 165 is for lots of tasks. Two knives I use A LOT are my Rodrigue and Marr knives that are about 170ish. Very handy blades!

    Take a look around at:

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    Looks like a great deal. And Jon really does stand behind what he sells. I'd say pull the trigger. Blue steel is awesome. If you have any hesitation, just give him a ring.

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    Forget about the ferrule, or handle material for a minute those can always be replaced. Great steel is the soul of a great knife and #2 Aogami is great steel. If I was looking for a small task knife I'd pull the trigger on that myself.

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    blue #1 :P
    Yeah that too

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