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Thread: AEB-L stainless

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    AEB-L stainless

    Was asking about this in another thread but thought I might get more feed back in its own thread. Searching the forum and the web doesn't bring up too much info.

    Some info here:

    Been trying to read about this steel. Looks nice but looking to hear from anyone that can compare it with other carbon steels.


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    Other CARBON steels?? It's stainless.

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    It's a fine grained stainless steel. Apparently it doesn't get quite as hard as some other steels, and can be slightly tricky (I think?) to get a really good heat treat on it. Lots of people like it quite a lot for kitchen knives if it's treated well.

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    The info from Larrin on that site is solid, Larrin Thomas is a pretty trustworthy source of info for kitchen knife steel.

    It is NOT like 440B at all. It is, however, almost identical to 19c27.

    Although it is fully stainless, it performs, at 59-60rc, very much like carbon steel. It's a phenomenal steel, one of my favorites, and seen in a variety of knives from Japan and now the US.

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    I thought it was more or less identical to Sandvik 13c26

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    Right, 13c26. My bad!

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    Some respected custom knife makers use this steel.It is not carbon steel having 13% chrom.It is small carbide which gives it some good characteristics for a kit. knife such as ease of sharpening & ability to take a very sharp edge.This gives similar qualities as carbon blades,but in a stainless alloy.

    It's edge holding is acceptable for extended use,but must be sharpened on a whetstone to keep the edge fresh.A lite touch up once blade is trained.

    As with any steel Heat Treatment is important.The Artiflex is a relatively inexpensive way to try this steel.It does have good heat treatment.I took off the machine edge on my artiflex,& put a blended polished convex grind.Because of the characteristics of the steel it is easy to rework the edge profile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonhaber View Post
    Wow! 7 years ago. That was the best info you could find? That's pre-Materials Science Degree Larrin.

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    Re-read my post and it looks pretty snarky. I didn't mean it as a slight against the OP. I just thought it was funny to read something I wrote which (to me) was so long ago. Also I haven't visited that forum in a long time and I don't think it's ever been all that popular. So it was kind of a blast from the past.

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