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Thread: AEB-L stainless

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    Don't apologize to us! Find that guy, buy a plane ticket, and give him flowers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Larrin View Post
    Re-read my post and it looks pretty snarky. I didn't mean it as a slight against the OP. I just thought it was funny to read something I wrote which (to me) was so long ago. Also I haven't visited that forum in a long time and I don't think it's ever been all that popular. So it was kind of a blast from the past.
    OP is looking for a comparison of AEB-L to carbon steel, in particular shirogami, as far as ease of sharpening, edge retention and anything else that comes to mind. Specific knives are the Sakai Takayuki Grand Cheff and the Sakai Yusuke from BlueWayJapan, two knives that are under consideration.

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    I can say that I have had my Artifex in AEB-L for about a month now. I love it. I was dissapointed by the factory edge it came with but it didn't take me long on the Edge Pro to fix that right up. Very easy to get it scary sharp.

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    We covered some stuff about steels in this thread: including a comparison of AEB-L with other steels. Make sure to read what was said about the charts given and not just the charts themselves.

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    no need for flowers, I have a thick skin :P

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    Compared to White Steel, it will not get so sharp so easily(cause really, what will?), and will hold it's edge a bit better. Tougher too, but not as pretty.

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    Thanks Larrin & Devin interesting read.

    Kind of my impression of AEB-L steel,have some carbons wt. better edge retention,hours of cutting,however can put a toothy 1K edge on AEB-L & it cuts better than other stainless I have used & it is so easy to resharpen.

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    I have a few knives in AEB-L and I've liked it so far. It will take a nice, fine polished edge fairly easily and hold a good edge for a surprising amount of time. I bring mine up to a Shobu San J Nat or Ozuka Asagi J Nat and they still have a nice bite to them at those grit levels, especially the Shobu. It is supposed to have a very fine grain size. I can't check that w/o breaking one

    As for carbon, I still prefer Carbon for the crazy sharp edge it takes, but most carbons (White/Blue, SK series) lose that screaming sharp edge fairly quickly; AS seems to hold that edge better. AEB-L takes a few minutes longer to sharpen than a good carbon will, but it's not as bad as CPM154 in terms of time to sharpen. Easier to sharpen and deburr than Vg-10. I am going to get some to make some hunting knives out of.

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    I have two AEB-L knives that I use regularly; Both of which were made by Adam Marr. This, of course, limits my knowledge to AEB-L by Adam, rather than AEB-L, in general. However, it's kind of a different beast than any other steel (other than 19c27, perhaps). To me, it sharpens up incredibly easily and actually feels soft on the stones, but not in that terrible gummy way. It just takes an edge/bevel very easily, polishes up to a deceptively sharp edge and seems to hold it really well. Sure, I'm technically a home user, but I haven't been left wishing I had sharpened it before I used my knife, like a couple others.

    All in all, there's a reason it's a razor blade steel. It likes to take a very, very fine edge. As with all of my kitchen knives, the highest I'd bother taking it is 6k. Could it take a higher polish? Of course it could, but I'm not shavin with my kitchen knives and some "grip" to sharpness is good, in the kitchen.

    What it comes down to, for me, is would I buy anothe AEB-L knife? Yup, without thinking twice.

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    I hear you about the 6K edge! I was the same way, hated some of the finer grit stones until I got into the J Nat stones. I have a Shobu San (around 8K) and an Ozuka Asagi (12-15K?) that I use. I get that toothy feel to the edge and the crazy sharp edge, especially on carbon steels. It's polished, but it's more of a hazy edge finish than a mirror bright finish. Works great for me!! The Shobu with a little 1 micron diamond spray on it is a sick edge

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