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Thread: AEB-L stainless

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taz575 View Post
    I hear you about the 6K edge! I was the same way, hated some of the finer grit stones until I got into the J Nat stones. I have a Shobu San (around 8K) and an Ozuka Asagi (12-15K?) that I use. I get that toothy feel to the edge and the crazy sharp edge, especially on carbon steels. It's polished, but it's more of a hazy edge finish than a mirror bright finish. Works great for me!! The Shobu with a little 1 micron diamond spray on it is a sick edge
    You put diamond spray on your stone?

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    Yup! Why is this so odd?? I've seen/read about numerous other people doing this. The Shobu and the Ozuka Asagi are hard stones and don't really make much of a slurry quickly. By using the spray, it acts as a slurry and also seems to help the stone raise it's own slurry. Since it is finer than the stone itself, it polished the edge a little more, but still has some tooth to the edge afterwards. My nagura is coarser, so using that will leave coarser particles on the stone until it's completely broken down and I don't want to take a fine diamond plate to the stones each time I sharpen to get a slurry from the stone. I use 1 or two spritz every few knives and it makes a noticeable difference in the edge. If I go 3 knives, the edge isn't as refined on the 3rd knife.

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    I've wet my Shapton 8k with diamond spray; worked really well, just expensive...

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