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    Last year I planted a tomatillo plant and got enough fruit for one small batch of chili verde. Some of the fruit landed on the ground and this year a plant came up from the seeds, it yielded over 4# from a totally ignored plant!
    So I am now on my second batch of chili verde, this one with chicken. I cut a pound and a half of them in half and charred them under the broiler then ground them up in the Cuisinart. 3 anahiems got charred as well, and were peeled, seeded and chopped. I cut up some chix thighs and tossed them with polenta style corn meal and then browned them up a bit. The veggies got sautéed in the same pot with some chili powder, cumin and oredano, then the chix and tomatillos went in with half a quart of broth and a chopped up white potato.
    Now for some red rice!
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    I love roasted tomatillos!!!
    Tom Gray, Seagrove, NC

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    I've found my "volunteer plants" from years past to be quite productive and sometimes way better than the originals.
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