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Thread: hot sauce

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    Bienek, like the idea of the burnt pineapple (and also happen to have one of those here as well), you think this could hold up in the refrigerator for some time?

    Im quite sure it would.
    You could also dehydrate the pineapple after burning.

    Can you vacpac?

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    Thanks Bieniek! Tried the pineapple last night Made the sauce with the pineapple (burnt), onions, garlic, salt, lime juice, vinegar and of course chiles (Naga Morich). Hot as hell, but quite delicious. No vacpac, but will bottle for myself and friends. I think I will wind up with about 5 or 6 different sauces, I guess will have to wait and see as far as which ones will hold up over time.
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    If the sauce is cooked through, and you can check pH and its lower than 4.6[simplest with litmus paper], you can safely conserve it in jars [without pressure cooking]. I would say if you acidulated it with vinegar, it would be enoough.

    Simply warm up the sauce, stick it in warm jars, which were treated with boiling water - its not about the bacteria only, its the greasy residue that could stay on the lip of the jar or the gasket.
    Dont screw the lid toooooooo tight or the air might have troubles escaping.
    Suberge and boil, if you have a thermometer, leave one jar open, check the temp and when it reaches tmeperature of surrounding water - measure the time.
    just take the rest out, and close the last one. Wait couple more minutes and conserved sauce done.

    I think that spicy sauce should just hold in the fridge, but I hate to throw away food so its worth the hassle to preserve imho.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chinacats View Post
    Don't know why I didn't think of that...doh!

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