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Thread: Press Coverage- Cool Blog Post in LA

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    Press Coverage- Cool Blog Post in LA

    In addition to the LA Magazine thing, we have a very nice writeup by a local blogger...

    Hope you enjoy the read... i thought it was very well done

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    Nice blog post. The only problem is that he sounds too sane and down-to-Earth to buy multiple gyutos, rip perfectly good handles off of knives only to replace them with finer wood, and then to yearn for a damascus spoon.

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    Nicely done....will share through my facebook cooking page.
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    after posting this on our facebook page and twitter, the blog author had this to say:
    "If anyone has any follow-up questions that I might be able to research for a third part, let me know! I'm still a complete novice, so these posts are just a way to share my experiences and hopefully help everyone else."

    If you guys think of anything you want to ask him, let me know and i'll pass the question along or you can contact him through his blog here:

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