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Thread: Show your knives! Charcuterie & Butchery

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    My primary butchering kit consists of a straight 6-inch F. Dick boning I have sharpened down to half its original width over the years, a 6-inch curved Victorninox, a 8-inch German made steaking knife (only an old importer name on it) and a 12-inch Dexter steaking. Added a wide curved 6-inch Sanelli boning this year I think I'm really going to like from the first deer I used it on.

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    Thanks all, it's great to hear what you're using. Noodle Soup, that 6 1/4" Sanelli looks like it's going to be a beaut. I used a 440C custom that was full-convexed, 5.5" long, drop point with wicked thin and long point and a waisted blade that was a real user. Made tunneling bones out a joy instead of a chore. Held an edge really well too, despite being sharpened at probably <15 degrees/side. The waist was really nice for slicing and trimming.

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    To be honest, when dealing with deer bones (which are insanely chip resistant and tough), a little less hardness in your blade isn't a bad thing. I'd take some steeling throughout the process over chipping my blade any day!

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