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Thread: What use could this conjure? (wood, wood, wood...)

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    What use could this conjure? (wood, wood, wood...)

    That could have some crazy possibilities...

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    you are definitely going to have to dry that out and then have it stabilized to get any use out of it, ferns aren't really wood. even though I have seen a lot of fossilized fern trunks over the years. It is pretty cool though
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    I figured (no pun intended) that something like that would have to be stabilized. Pretty cool stuff though.

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    I must admit, that that photo is uber intriguing and beautiful, but the way it is structured I find it hard to imagine it in a product. I defer that to wood pros.

    With that said, the first thing that came to mind is a big WHAM! or BAM! word over it. It looks like those cartoon things

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    Don't know what you should do with it, but it's wild looking.

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