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Thread: For the money or for the passion?

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    There is a difference between making money and making a living. Most makers, make a living, if I understand it correctly.

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    I have a full time job, that averages 200 hours a month, and at times will pass 300 hours a month. I do knives when I get a bit of time. I make enough to keep me doing it, hopeing someday to go full time.

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    Most full-time makers, and I know a lot of them, have great wives... with real jobs. Sucks to say this, but if you think Kramer is rolling in dough, just ask your local union plumber or electrician how much they make. After all the business bills and employees are paid, Bob is making about as much as those guys. Most of us make much, much less. It's kinda tough, but that's the business of art. Gotta really work it with a professional mindset to make a living here. Just sayin'...

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    I was thinking the same. I guess what I'm assuming is that the makers/ venders here do it full time and pay the bill ( or at least try to) making/ selling knives and services. I did not think that they were all millionaires, I don't think Kramer is one eather ( could be wrong)? I think that knife makers are much to my own craft. Long hot hard days spent doing what you love and come the end of the month hope you can pay the bills. All with little hope or desire for that matter to ever retire, no medacule coverage, no 401K. The only thing I think we (chef) have better then them is all the hot chicks that come with the gig... Knife shows need some of them.

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    O I forgot about the wife thing... Lucky Shes a M.E. pathologist who's dad is a nuclear engineer would have never been able to by the new place with out there help.

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    what new place?

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    I make knives and damascus full time, and I have been doing so for the past 4 years, I have a wife that works about 12 hours a week for some mad money. She has her own car, and pays for the gas, but I cover insurance and repairs. I also have 4 girls; ages 3,8,8, and 14. We have no health insurance, and no retirement package. I make about 35K a year, and yes soetimes I look at the stack of bills that come in and say; how the he!! am I going to pay them. Having said that I have had only one late(3 days) mortgage payment in 8 1/2 years. Now according to my accountant we are below the poverty level, but there are many people in our area that make far less. I can say that I am making more now than I was making at the job that I had worked at for 14 years. I am not saying this for any sympathy, just to point out that the few knifemakers that do make knives full time and don't have wives with high paying jobs do have it a bit rough. When I make a sale to one of you and I thank you for your business, I really mean it.
    As a father and husband I would work any job to put food on the table, but I am very happy to be doing this one.

    Colin, You got it right. (And I wish there were a few more hot chicks too, and knifemakers don't really have fan clubs or "groupies") If you are lucky and good at what you do, then you do have satisfied customers, and I like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salty dog View Post
    I briefly thought about trying to make a knife. The whole ball of wax, buy a forge etc. Then I watched Stephan Fowler's video on how to make a knife. That is just WAY too much work over a way too long of time. I'm good for a six hour project tops. (Just about the length of service) Thanks Stephan, you saved me a lot of hassle.
    I love it though, it's a lot of fun for me to take a big hunk of steel and turn it into something useful and hopefully pretty

    I'm not full time just yet, but I will be in the next couple weeks (trying to finish up a couple of projects at my day job - Project Manager for a Construction Co)

    it's going to be a little rough but I can't wait

    Stephan (never have made a knife I'm 100% happy with)

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    if i didnt love making knives i would get a reall job and make reall money. im full time but like said have help. things are now much better then they were even jsut 2 years ago. but liek most makers i find that we live in "poor" areas (poor to some but lovely to us cause of the view and lack of "city" ppl

    so far as making knives in the corner of a shed well i ll hav eot take a video of where i have been makeing knives the last 3 years (a for realz shop is being built this year )

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    Jackie married me for my money. When that didn't work out I had to start helping around the house.

    Jackie says that I can make anything but money. he he


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