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Thread: For the money or for the passion?

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    I hope people get into it for the money.

    Most people think that's stupid, but you can make money doing anything--the product doesn't really matter THAT much. Groupon took one of the worst, most unprofitable, waste-of-time ventures--online coupons--and is now worth $760 million. I just want to provide for my family--not make a million a year. But most knifemakers think of their craft foremost and their business second. Murray Carter, I would imagine, does not, and he is doing fine for himself.

    It's a social rut. People don't buy kitchen knives and people don't use knives because Americans are spoiled, plain and simple. But with the recession forcing people to eat at home, and with all the "Green" crapola, and all the popular rejection of modern food standards...people are going to run into their knives.

    There's a strong market need, but most guys who want to grind steel and hammer hot rocks all day aren't exactly the kind of guys who get into the heads of housewives.

    My point is this: I doubt I will ever find that I have the money to buy a knife that was made primarily out of a strong passion of the perfect knife. I want a knife that excels at it's appointed task, but I also can't blow a month's rent on it. It's not a priority issue--the money simply isn't there. People should make knives for folks like me, and if the pursuit of god-like zen mastery isn't what they had in mind when cutting my knife to shape, fine by me.

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    ok you got me i too thingk you can make money of of anythingn if you have brains(hell you dont even have to chaet ppl out of it )
    but if it was not for the challange and art of making knives im sure i could make more $$ makig other stuff (razors maybe )
    but liek i tel evey one
    i have tools, i can make money. even if its makig somethignk i never thought i woudl to sell case in point a few have seen kellys pendant and now want to knwo when i ll be makig more

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