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Thread: FS: DMT-XXC, Arashiyama 1k, Ozuku Kan Kiita 5+, Sabatier Nogent 3" Paring...

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    FS: DMT-XXC, Arashiyama 1k, Ozuku Kan Kiita 5+, Sabatier Nogent 3" Paring...

    Hey guys,

    Iím clearing out a few things:

    This DMT-XXC diamond lapping plate is about a year old and has only lapped waterstones. Has seen little use. I no longer ďlapĒ my waterstones so this needs to go. $65.

    I also have an almost new Arashiyama 1000 grit waterstone. Iíve used this stone only a few times. Itís lapped and ready to go. Itís a wonderful mid grit. $35.

    For you straight razor users I have an Ozuku Kan Kiita 5+ hardness (150mm 84mm 15mm). This stone is harder than my super fine Maruka Nakayama Kan Asagi (designation: for razors) and finishes finer too. This is one of the finest finishing hones around. Extremely hard stone. Finisher only. The inclusion has absolutely no effect on, and does not get in the way of, honing. Came from Maksim. $150.

    Lastly, I have a Sabatier (4 Star Elephant) Nogent 3Ē paring knife from their historical knives collection. These blanks were forged sometime in the first half of the 20th century, but were ground and fitted with real ebony handles in the last 5 years. Nothing wrong with it, but I have two more so I thought I would sell one to make room. $35.


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    I'll take the Nogent if it's still available.
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    I'll take the Ozuku Kan Kiita 5+ hardness please!

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    are you in us or canada?

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    Ill take the dmt-xxc
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    Hey Guys. I'm in Canada. Emails sent to all.

    Sales pending on ALL FOUR items.


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    I honestly was going to buy my second Nogent Parer, right now. Congrats on the sales and pick-ups.

    Take a look around at:

    Email me at:

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    Doh to slow on the JNat Not that I would live after my wife found out

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    Arashiyama is still for sale.

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    Okay guys.

    The DMT and Arashiyama are both still for sale.

    New policy though: if you contact me saying you want the item(s), you will have to send Paypal payment immediately after confirming with me. It's not fair to other forum members who are interested in the items.

    With that said, shipping and paypal fee is not included in the cost of the products--so please factor that in. I am located in Canada.

    Lastly, I will offer the Arishiyama and DMT plate together as a package deal for $100 SHIPPED to anywhere in Canada.

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