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Thread: WTB Shigefusa Kasumi 240 gyuto

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    WTB Shigefusa Kasumi 240 gyuto

    I Know the odds are against me, but seeing as people who post WTB's on this forum seem to get pretty good results I thought it can't hurt to ask!
    As the title suggests I am after a shigefusa 240mm kasumi Gyuto, either wa or yo handle! I'm not looking for mint condition, in fact will consider any condition, so if you have one of these collecting dust shoot me a PM.
    Thanks in advance
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    if his sale falls through i would like to be 2nd in line. lol

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    Bought!Thanks KKF
    Now if anyone has a western handled 225/240 i'd still be interested
    In order to make delicious food, you must eat delicious food. Jiro Ono

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    You lucky son of a gun! Nice score.

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    Glad to see it arrived in good condition.
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    Thought I'd try the same as Von blewitt - anyone else with a wa 240mm that's underused and they'd like to sell?

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    ... Well, guess what - it worked! Thanks KKF.

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    congratulation! did you get one with "ho" handle
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    Thanks guys. In the process of sorting it out right now, and am not in a rush. And yes, of course anyone I'd go for would be with its original wa!

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