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Thread: Anybody know about bonsai?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sudsy9977 View Post
    I was reading online about rosemary bonsai and thought that might be a good idea.....yeah I know what u mean.....I don't need another expensive or technical hobby....Ryan
    Oh I like that idea. Plus you can eat it.
    I might run with this.
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    I see I am far from the only bonsai killer here....whew...Ryan

    viva la revolucion !

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    I had a few pines and junipers, one maple. Then we got a dog... Dumb Ass the Wonder Gardner, was spotted one afternoon running the back yard with her true Grey Hound speed, with the last of my trees in her mouth violently shaking her head side to side! All died, the didn't survive the shock.

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    fare from i read even some pros have sometime problems, but they recommend to buy one not to cheap and from a Bonsai dealer, that wil help you a lot.
    Cheap Bonsais come with bad soil and tend to die after 2 month because water can not rich the roots.
    With right soil and halfy plant it will help you a lot. You also need to choose one for your environment. You can not just choose any tree.
    And also i read that 95 % of what kills Bonsai is watering so keep that in mind

    Hope it helps

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    Ficus is probably the easiest and least expensive. Tropicals are easier to take care of. Junipers and other coniferous trees have to go dormant in the winter and do not like being indoors. That can be tricky depending on your climate.

    The queen of bonsai in my opinion is the Satsuki Azalea.

    FYI, for those not familiar, some bonsai go for Kramer money +.

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    +1 on Ficus to be easiest out there, i have 3 and all survived for 5 years now

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    I only have three remaining. All ficus. They're in the lizard cages.

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    Reading this, I'm thinking that somewhere out there there must also be some Bonsai Forums for Bonsai Knuts!

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    If you're ever in the Seattle area, you should check out the Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection: They have some unbelievable trees, some of which are hundreds of years old. Definitely worth it to go see.

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    +1 on the Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection. It's quite amazing. It's adjacent to the Rhododendron Species Foundation garden--also a lovely place for a walk. The bonsai garden is free; the RSF garden is not free (unless you're a member) but it's not very expensive. The PR Bonsai collection was closed for a while due to economic problems, but it's open again and worth a visit.

    There's a link to a bonsai forum in my earlier post.
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